Akwa Ibom, Delta Assemblies Task President Jonathan On Boko Haram

Rt. Hon Simon Ikon, Speaker, Akwa Ibom House of Assembly (AKHA) and Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei FNSE, Speaker, Delta House of Assembly (DTHA) at the joint sitting of Akwa-Ibom and Delta Houses of Assembly in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom

Following the worrisome spate of insecurity in parts of Northern Nigeria, legislators in Akwa Ibom and Delta state Houses of Assembly have asked President Goodluck Jonathan to identify the sponsors of the Boko Haram sect and deal with them accordingly.

In a resolution at a joint session of the Assemblies presided over by the Akwa Ibom Speaker, Rt. Hon Samuel Ikon and his Delta State counterpart, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, Tuesday in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, the lawmakers said the call became necessary to protect the corporate existence of the country.

They said given the nation’s past experiences, the country cannot afford another crisis and pledged their support to the President’s continued effort to stabilize the country.

The joint session also called on the Federal government to pay adequate attention to the deplorable condition of the federal roads in the area and to intensify infrastructural development of the Niger-Delta region.

While condemning the present revenue sharing formula, the lawmakers called for the upward review of the derivation policy for the region to enable the state governments to effectively address the development needs of the people.

They commended the Akwa Ibom and the Delta State governments for their efforts at transforming their states and pledged their support to the development of the region.

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