Warri Wolves FC Appeals Against LMC Decision *Seeks NFF Intervention

20130712-135459.jpgThe Management of Warri Wolves FC has appealed against the decision of the League Management Company which applied part of the law governing the round leather game by ordering for a re-play of the week 29 match between Kwara United and Warri Wolves.

According to a letter signed by the Scribe, Lawrence Omowho and sent to the Nigeria Football Federation, Warri Wolves condemned the decision by refering to articles 3.7(1), 3.7 (20 3.7(3) and 4.3(10) to support their claims that Kwara United have erred and should face the music hundred percent.

According to the letter, Warri Wolves said the rules which was given to every club at the beginning of the season serves as the arbiter that governs the league and should not be set aside in what they described as selective justice.

Warri Wolves claimed in the said match, it was glaring that the match officials were beaten by the home fans just like what happened between Elkanemi Football Club and Wikki Tourist and at the end, the same body awarded three points and three goals to Elkanemi.

The letter further said whereas the LMC applied section 3.7(1) of the rule by asking Kwara to pay five Million Naira, what happened to the remaining two sections which says the team will forfeit three points and three goals?

The letter also stated that Warri Wolves is only fighting for the interest of the League as it could happen to any Club, hence they regard it as their rights to fight this injustice.

The Management has therefore siad in view of the overwhelming evidence against Kwara United, it would be difficult for the Club to honour the match and called on the Nigeria Football Federation to set up a new body to treat this case.

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