Opinion: Special Letter To Brothers Uche, Onyeabor -By Hilda Ifegwu

My role through my writings have been from the traditional angle as an Ada Abia. It is traditional in the sense that Umuada from the cosmology of the Igbos would always intervene to make peace, especially in tricky and knotty issues. I have been away for over three months and so been unable to contribute but the present situation, bordering on the 2015 election is worrisome and the Igbos say that an elder cannot be in the house and watch the goat strangulate itself. I plead that if I fail in my mediation, please jettison my words but do not throw me away as I cherish my Igbo heritage.

Abia like other states of the Federation is brimming and brewing with political activities. Men and some women are into frenetic efforts to position themselves to the state of jostling for positions of visibility for May, 29, 2015. Nothing so odd as it is the mode of political circumstances where so many are at the base and few or only one person will bubble to the top, chosen by the accredited electorate and electoral system. Abia has a peculiar case and through this peculiarity may be very close to the proverbial light at the end of the political tunnel if handled analytically and positively.

It is obvious that such a decision cannot be taken without the contribution of Chief T. A. Orji, the incumbent Governor and leader of the PDP in Abia. Many, as it is normal are watching his lips to give direction; most of the contestants have their hearts thumping, praying feverishly that the governor plays the good umpire as any of his moves would tilt the balance.

Ochendo has exercised unexpected caution as many would have cared less and anointed somebody of their choice mostly based on selfish considerations. In truth, Ochendo has spoken, giving the direction of the governorship but, not pointing at any particular individual.

The most peculiar of all situations is in the sense that one third of the senatorial zones, the Ukwa na Ngwa, of the Southern Senatorial Zone have wept like a motherless child. They have furiously pointed at the crown as the only and most important object that have made them strangers in their own land since the creation of Imo State till the migration to Abia. Chief T. A. Orji, an important umpire has unequivocally stated that power shift along the line of the senatorial ones is the most proper thing and the most suitable mode fashioned out of equity. This “Zonal Shift” is the line of thought of most states. Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross-River and Akwa Ibom are on the same wavelength. Weighed on a natural scale, it is only human and reasonable that where three people, three communities, even three states have an inheritance and two out of these three had gotten their shares, what stops the third?

Abia Charter of Equity from which arguments are flying, making a claim for Isiukwuato based on the “I” in ABIA acronym, may seem a wild goose chase considering so many factors. Even in the Charter of Equity, the book doused the fears of domination and denial of zones and recommended a spread of political, elective and appointive positions.

If we may ask, what is the population of Isiukwuato in present day Abia? They only exist in one Local Government and a fraction of Abia North made up of five Local Government Areas. Have we moved to the considerations of LGAs or rather equating them with zones? If Isikwuato is ALLOWED, Umuneochi, Umuahia South and Arochuckwu may come up with claims for equal opportunity.

Such argument may not stand or be supported by facts. We are in the threshold of implanting sanity, equity and fair play if we take the political journey to the South. The gains will be unspeakably enormous: Unnecessary tussles will be laid to rest. On the second note, it would give the potential senatorial zone time to prepare, putting their best foot forward in terms of candidates. Having planned and executed well, court cases would be less, thuggery and thuggism would be on its way to extinction with little attention paid to settlement and extortions by law enforcement agencies.

The incoming governor would spend less on election bills and would have valuable time for the electorate. Having gone through an impartial selection process among peaceful coexistence, the stakeholders and electorate will have much say in the government of the day, distancing the killer we-and-they feelings.

And finally to bother Onyebor, be careful with the people urging you to run for office, there is hunger in the land and people are eyeing your bulging pocket for you just left the army shoulder high. Take some time and study the electorate. Military solutions may not be suitable for political and civil situations. Military precision may be counterproductive to emerging Civil Society disorder. If you proceed as they’re urging you, you may come out with your shoulders low, drenched like a bird in an unexpected rain. History has a lesson from Ojukwu who joined the NPN straight from exile. Even when he was in the heart of the Igbos, he never won any election till he died.

For our wonder kid Uche, you have mastered energy and credited with oily pockets. This is one game you have not mastered. It is a quicksand, slippery and highly consuming. Take a little time, study, mingle and jingle with our people, do more charity works as you have been doing, deliver speeches, attend more burials and wedding occasions. Four or eight years are not a lifetime for age is on your side. More so, I see you as a better parliamentarian than one trapped in governorship labyrinth. Mind you, this is my candid opinion; you can always exercise your constitutional rights. As it stands, you may take it or leave, the choice is strictly yours.

*Ifegwu wrote in from Umuahia

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