Panic, As Ebola Infects Nigerian Doctor For Treating Late Sawyer *Health Minister Confirms Doctor’s Infection

20140805-061802.jpgNigeria’s Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu has disclosed that a doctor in Lagos, among those who treated Late Liberian Ebola victim, Patrick Sawyer, had contracted the deadly Ebola virus.

Although the name of the infected doctors was not revealed, the Health Minister said the doctor has tested positive.

He said that in a bid to curtail the spread, measures have been heightened screen people who use the border as well as not allowing corpse of any victim of the Ebola disease into the country.

The World Health Organization record shows that the dreaded Ebola outbreak in West Africa has increased to 1,323 cases with over 729 deaths at the death rate of not less than 55%.

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