NFF Election: Stakeholders Vouch For Pinnick Amaju

Faced with the leadership question and the crisis rocking the Nigerian Football Federation, Football Stakeholders in Delta State have thrown their weight behind the candidacy of Pinnick Amaju and urged all those who love the round leather game to vote for him in the election billed for Thursday.

Speaking with Journalists in Warri, Davidson Owumi, known as Okada in his hey days with the Super Eagles said Amaju has what it takes to manage Nigerian Football especially now that we are finding it difficult to get it right.
Owumi posited that he will support Amaju 100% and want Nigerians to give him a chance.

Also speaking, Chief Victor Shishe, a community leader who has been highly disturbed with what is happening in Abuja declared that Amaju is the right person to occupy the Glass House judging from what he has achieved managing Football and Sports generally in Delta State.

According to Shishe, Amaju without a kobo from the Government built the first State Football House nearing completion.

He said the Football House which is about 99% now if completed will rank among the best in the World and apart from that, he has succeeded in getting sponsorship for the State FA Cup for the past years.

Shishe who is known for his frank view disclosed that with Amaju, Government can as well forget about the sponsorship of the National team and without their funds, there is no way they can interfere with what is going on in the football arena.

“I want everybody to be sincere and give Amaju the ticket and I am sure once he enters, he will source for funds like the way it is in Delta. With no Government fund, nobody can interfere the way they are doing now. He has what it takes to manage Nigerian Football and I am happy that he has agreed to move on to that level.

“He is not a hungry man, he has a good position here in Delta State but he is a detribalized man. He has the connection with the private sector and will turn the National team into a brand. He is well travelled and that is the type of man we need. The young man will take us to the next level and that is why I want us to give him the chance,” said Shishe.


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