Boko Haram: Uduaghan Urges Coaction With President Jonathan

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State (left), receiving a Special Bible from Pastor Odunayo Oke of the Avenue Baptist Church during a church service in Warri.

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State (left), receiving a Special Bible from Pastor Odunayo Oke of the Avenue Baptist Church during a church service in Warri.

DELTA State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan on Sunday called for support and collaboration with President Goodluck Jonathan to enable him tackle the challenges of Boko Haram.

Dr Uduaghan who made the call during a church service at the Avenue Baptist Church, Warri, Delta State, said that the support was necessary because of the peculiar security challenges facing the country.

According to the Governor, “there is no President that faced the type of challenges our President is facing today, let us rally round him and continue to pray for President Jonathan and our brothers and sisters in the North because they are facing a lot of challenges.”

“As a nation, we have the challenge of Boko Haram, we should pray that those who do not want others to live will not also live,” Dr Uduaghan said.

He scored his administration high in the area of security, noting that the peace and security agenda of his administration has ensured that gunshots which were familiar occurrence in Warri before his election were no longer heard.

He assured Deltans that even with few months to the end of his tenure, security operatives have taken proactive measures to ensure that the peace the people were enjoying would be sustained and improved on in the days ahead.

Besides, the Governor assured Deltans of massive rehabilitation of dilapidated roads across the state in the coming months particularly those damaged by the rains.

“Most governors have their lowest rating during the rainy season because, construction work would be at its lowest ebb”, he stated asserting: “Rain disturbs construction work, but, we will start the construction and renovation of roads once the rain stops in the next two months.”

The Governor also challenged Deltans to keep the drains free of debris to allow free flow of water and control flooding, stating, “we should try and keep our drains tidy and for those of us who have money, do not build on the waterways because when there is flood, it affects everybody.”

“We should have a change of attitude towards environment, we should keep it neat for our own comfort and safety,” he emphasized.

In a sermon, Rev. Dr. Gilbert Oghifo observed that God loves the world so much that He gave his son Jesus Christ to save humanity and urged the people to imbibe the spirit of giving, be obedient to the word of God as well as show love and understanding to one another.

“Giving is a grace, it is not just an act, God has given us the grace of giving,” he said and urged Christians to give freely to those in need and also “give themselves fully to the Lord.”

“Giving is also, rendering unto God, praises for everything that we have experienced-the graces of God, we should give liberally, freely and willingly without any compunction,” Rev. Oghifo said.

Prayers were offered at the occasion for the country, Delta State and Governor Uduaghan and members of his family.



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