DDG Boss Urges Govt To Engage Youths Positively For National Growth

Comrade Ejoor Umukoro, DG -Defenders of Democracy Group (DDG)

Comrade Ejoor Umukoro, DG -Defenders of Democracy Group (DDG)

The Director General of the Defenders of Democracy Group (DDG), Comrade Ejoor Umukoro, has called on the three tires of government at the national, state and local levels to urgently engage youths in positive development programmes to avert insurgency and other social vices.

Comrade Umukoro made this known in a statement made available to Blank NEWS Online reads:

“The Nigerian youth, today is an endangered specie, going into extinction. What we have on ground is a generation of youth, who have been converted to political thugs, miscreant and occultist by society and government which has no transformational and developmental plan for the them.

“I fear for our nation’s future, Nigeria tomorrow with the kind of youth we are building is a nation on the verge of self destruction.

“Boko Haram is a product of years of neglect and abandonment of the youth, these misguided youths became victims of negative religious brain wash and ethnic bigotry. Today they terrorize, our beautiful diversity and threaten to wipe us out of the comity of nations.

“Insurgency and militancy are ways the youth rebel against abandonment.
What the government need to do is to engage these youth in positive development programmes. One that will push out their genius.

“Today Mark Zuckerbeg, the billionaire boy who runs face-book, grew up in an environment which fertilized his genius. We must deliberately create not only positive values in our youth, but also deliberately create skill acquisition opportunities in technology, industry, business, investment, literature and government.”



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