20141113-054005.jpgFear is the beginning of death. Fear of the unseen, fear of the unknown. The Bible warns against it and according to Shakespeare, a fearful man dies many times before his death.

In every organization, there is always a unique way of doing things. In Journalism it is called the house style, in Sociology it is called culture, in politics (political relationship i.e. politicking) it is called political culture.

In our society in the past, people were picked or chosen to represent them in organizations or in groups. They are financed and encouraged in every way so as to do their community or group proud.

Likewise in our political system, parties including the people’s Democratic Party, pick people and finance them to win elections. In any case, when one is not picked or favoured he or she becomes a leftist, a Non- conformist and in the end a decampee. In every party we have the house style and we have people who are disenchanted with the house style but those who are patient and humble enough are always compensated and the extremely agrieved ones decamps but the party moves forward.

Often times, to be favoured, you must be lucky or very connected, have money or those that can spend for you, intelligent, belong to the situational right group or camp, humble, patient and loyal (extremely). Nobody can tell us that the best persons are chosen during primaries or that the above factors do not come to play in the primaries and every election proper. You must know your political culture to excel in politics. Who among those wanting to be Delta State Governor would say he or she does not know his or her political culture. Let it be told, that people liked Ned Nwoko, worked for him and voted for him in the 2011 senatorial elections in Delta North but may be the above factors worked against him. Poor man, rich, intelligent, reachable, very sincere but what about the political hmm hmm hmm….. ehen.

God, this world is funny and very uncertain,. Today you work for Paul, tomorrow for Peter. Can you imagine that some persons worked for Ned Nwoko and today are working for Tony Obuh. That’s life.

Obuh is a likeable personality. Most of those that are afraid of sir Obuh handpicked councilors and chairmen in their wards and councils. What do we call this, irony or eating your cake and having it.

But again, the greatest fear that these people have for Sir Tony Chucks Obuh is not even in the aforementioned factors. It is in his character-humble responsive, responsible, reachable and benevolent. Civil Servants even add that he is very accountable for his responsibilities. In any case, we pray that God hears our prayers as we carry on with operation “Obuh for governor” of Delta State 2015.

Courtesy: 004G 2015 (GRASS ROOT ALLIANCE)


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