It seems the next proper thing to do in Nigeria, once you have made money, is to go grab power by all means as is the story of Diamond Bank’s former MD, Alex Otti.

The Alex Otti I know is the same man that was mentioned multiple times in the internal frauds and money laundering cases at his former bank investigated by the EFCC.

The Alex Otti I know is the same man with a 23-year old concubine mother of two. So much for being trustworthy and moral.

The Alex Otti I know is the same man who has gone round to wet the ground for “grassrooters” and “powers that be” in the community and he has been cleared of the allegation of impersonation while the brilliant economist is said to have dangled some carrots at his wife too, to pour oil on troubled water.

The Alex Otti I know didn’t bring any direct development to Abians by virtue of infrastructure development or employment, at best, on the platform of his former bank.

The Aba mega mall under construction, through a partnership between the State Government and Greenfield Assets Plc, received no contributions from Alex Otti’s former bank nor did the ongoing construction of the Abia Mall. Alex Otti’s promise-filled ambition can’t be trusted

A native of Arochukwu, Alex Otti abandoned his community to claim Isiala Ngwa South heritage all in a desperate bid to assume office as governor.

With a claim of no godfather, Alex Otti can only be funding his campaign with money belonging to customers seeking to be treated right at his former bank. I imagine the condition of the coffers of the State if signed to his administration. Where is the ‘attestable integrity’ that he continually sings about?!?!

Not all that glitters is gold. I mean, we have ‘anointed men of God’ that claim God called them to elections they lost; how much more a money expert. Abians look well o…

*Kanu Christopher wrote in from Lagos, Nigeria.

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