Bloodletting In Delta: *As Orhuwhorun, Steel Township Youth Clash

-By Ejovwoke Udi, Warri, Delta:

The crisis between youths of Orhuwhorun and steel township a satellite residential area of Orhuwhorun Community has left one Stanley Okobiebie having his right hand chopped-off with several other youths in various degree of injuries sustained during the fracas over job sharing between the groups at the Ekrabe quarter land of Orhuwhorun.doc

An eye witness account told the Urhobo Voice that disagreement ensued over the refusal of township youths to allow the Orhuwhorun youths to participate in the pouring of concrete in a building site.

According to our source before the ugly incidence both groups have an understanding of sharing whatever job in equal proportion but on this very day the steel township youths refused the Orhuwhorun youths participation in the job. During the heated argument the township youths ran into a notorious Peoples Democratic Party thug residing within the precinct of the incidence and came out with Guns, cutlasses, battle axe, and dangerous weapons, shooting sporadically into the air as material where used freely in the melee leaving over five Orhuwhorun youths with deep matched cut and the chopping-off of the hands of Stanley Okobiebie.

The youths who sustained various injuries are receiving treatment in a government hospital in the area. While the police are yet to make any arrest.

Speaking with our reporter one of the youth who had a matchet cut on his head called Cyril said that a youth leaving in Steel Township called Emmanuel was the person who used cutlass on him and several others, who sustained injuries.

According to him when he was inflicted with the matched cut and blood was gushing out of his head he was ferried in a motorbike to the police station to lay complain.

The Divisional Police Office therefore ordered for the arrest of the
culprits. On getting to the scene of crime the suspect was nowhere to be found.

Furthermore youths of Steel Township took street smashing vehicles windscreen and louvers protesting what a source confirmed was in anger over the police arrest of suspected youth cultist in the areas.

Meanwhile the area where the incidence took place where portions of land released to the community through the Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) through Dan Odiete & Co to Orhuwhorun.

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