FATHERS’ DAY: Fr. Konyeke Calls For Proper Child Upbringing

FATHERS Day was today celebrated in Catholic Churches all over the world with the Rev. Fr. John Konyeke of the Catholic Church of the Ascension Asaba charging fathers to be molders of good society by ensuring good parental upbringing for their children.

According to Rev. Fr. Konyeke, “the fatherhood is a gift from God, today, we appreciate you, fathers for the numerous roles you played in bringing us up, speak something good into your children every day, make them to be good citizens for us to have a better society.”

“Teach them (your children) how to go so that they will be better in life, teach them how to pray, buy Christian books, Christian gifts for your children,” the Catholic Priest said.

He added, “have time for your children, build your homes as true Christians, love your wives and for fathers with broken families and broken homes or do not have children, do not despair that you don’t have children, God is the giver of children, Jesus is the healer of broken homes, look up to Jesus at all times and if you go to Jesus, don’t be too critical when you are approaching Jesus, meet Him as a child and He will listen to you.”

The Priest who traced the history of Fathers’ Day celebration to more than a century ago when Sonora Dodd initiated the celebration in recognition of the roles his father, Smart Dodd played in their upbringing when their mother died when they were young stated that it was important for fathers to be celebrated but, emphasized that fathers should also, at all times play their roles as responsible and caring fathers.

This year’s Father’s Day celebration in the church which also witnessed a novelty football match between the Catholic Men Organization of Catholic Church of the Ascension and that of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church culminated in thanksgiving service at the church.

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