APC USA: Crisis in 8th National Assembly, Listen Attentively…

 Nigeria, August 18, 2015, (Blank NEWS Online) – APC-Logo

 APC Diaspora International Secretariat has been following with keen interest the developments in the National Assembly, notably, we are concerned about the possible ramification on the psyche of our patent Secretariat in Abuja, Nigeria. We have worked too hard to become the majority political party of the nation. Let’s not squander this hard earned privilege, unanimously granted to us by the Nigerian people. Most importantly to bring back our country’s past glory and make Nigeria once more a force to be reckoned with in the international scene. We hereby offer mediation to bring about a peaceful resolution of the discord resulting from the senate leadership struggle. We are prepared to meet with members of the National Assembly. Our team consists of negotiators with expertise in conflict resolution, mediation and lobbying. We hereby assure: party faithful’s, executives, National Assembly, Nigerians, and international communities that our primary goal is to guide the party, and indeed the National Assembly, to a path of a mutual and smooth working relationship, through moving the country speedily forward. Beside, we cannot accept 16 years of insalubrious government, our mantra of change must be real and not just be a mere slogan.

The 8th National Assembly started off on the wrong foot. The leadership struggle at the upper chamber of the National Assembly is slowing down legislative process and hence the federal government, since it is an important arm of the government. How did they get it inside out – upside down – wrong? Can someone publish the National Assembly rules regarding the selection of leaders in the two chambers? We believe some years ago, members of the National Assembly travelled to United State to learn legislative process? What happened to the information they gathered on that mission which undoubtedly was fully financed by our national treasury. Please, people get it together! Do not let this crisis escalate to level that it will lead to national disgrace.

In the United States, the country which Nigeria supposedly patterned its legislative process after, afterward, the elections the majority party will assume control of both chambers of congress. The house will come together to select a speaker but the vote is a formality because the minority party has very little chance of winning the top leadership position and the same thing applies to senate, which is the upper chamber. In the case of the senate, the vice president is automatically the senate president. The senate president is ceremonial position at best, and has no significance in the spectrum of leadership. The senate president will only cast a vote to break a dead log. The senate will select a majority leader which is actually the top position in the senate. They will then select a minority leader from the minority party, whose responsibility is organizing opposition to the majority party’s program and present his party’s alternative views. There is by no a fool-proof system even with hundreds of years in the democracy experiment. But internal discord is inherent in human institutions and it occurs the damage can be mitigated whereas, established rules are adhered to; and if members subordinate their interests in favor party unity as to the will of the people.

We are not advocating that Nigeria’s National Assembly be a carbon copy of the American congress, but Nigeria is on record emulating the American model.

APC International Secretariat calls for calm and reason to prevail. Let the National assembly follow established rules that govern their activities. We do not need any distraction; and certainly do not want to give in to detractors of the Buhari Administration an opportunity to derail its program.

APC Diaspora International Secretariat requests the opportunity for a mediatory session with the National Assembly. Again, we have a team of experienced negotiators with the proven record of success in conflict resolution. Please provide us with the earliest possible date to meet with the APC power brokers to begin the process.  Our experts are derived from all over the world, so we need reasonable to make their travel arrangement. We committed to providing this service because we believe this is the way forward for our great party.

The Senate President, Bukola Sarki, has the opportunity now to showcase his leadership skill. This is a good test of his leadership prowess and we believe senator Sarki will answer the call.

The reformulated APC shouldn’t buy into the hypes surrounding the senate leadership selection process debacle. Senator Sarki must reach out to his fellow APC senators, but first he must accept responsibility for the confusion and assure them he will implement a reform of the selection process, in order to prevent reoccurrence; then collectively they can bring senators from other parties along. The whole nation is watching to see what APC will do with the unprecedented event of unseating an incumbent party and the opportunity to manage the country’s affairs. As a party which was swept into power under the mantra of change, that corruption, insecurity and theft are culpable in the decay of our national wealth, must deliver. We are not immune to what happened to PDP. We have come to a point in our federation history that the people will no longer sit and accept excuses from those we entrusted with the responsibility to lead us. The 2015 election was never a fluke. The voices of the people were heard loud and clear: that the era of apathy is gone and enters the era of self-governance and accountability. 

To buttress our concern, please find herewith two publications, signifying our concerns with respect to this matter.

Once again, accept our unhappiness at this situation, whilst we are optimistic this issue is resolvable and amicably.

*Written by Francis John, International Coordinator, APC USA International Secretariat

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