Convert Flared Gas To Electricity In Ndokwa Nation –PGI Warns Oil Firms ***Says Ndokwa Contributes 480MW To National Grid

Nigeria (Blank NEWS Online) By Ifeanyi Nwador– 

The Pages Group International (PGI) has insisted that the assumed degradation in the Nigeria power sector does not affect the quantum of power been contributed to the national grid by the Kwale gas power plant NAOC siituated at Okpai, as part of the IPP programme of Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to the group, “not less than 480 Mega Watt of electricity was quietly contributed to the national grid, at a good will, by the people of Ndokwa ethnic nationality.

Mr. Chocky Chukwuma who spoke on behalf of the group, queried claims made by Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) that energy generation source has deteriorated when it reported that five out of the country’s 23  power generating plant are currently functional.

“Although we are aware of the recent predicament of the said commission, on how they had engaged the gas supply companies and its licenses on strategies on how to boost gas supply to the power generation plants, up to this point, there is no profitable result from the look of things, which had prompted the boss of the commission to express regrets that not much progress was made.”

He blamed the poor outcome on the inability of the NNPC and it’s subsidiary, the Nigeria Gas company (NGC) to maintain regular supply of gas, due to the high incidence of vandalism on the trans-forcados pipeline in the western axis and Escravos-lagos gas pipeline in the eastern axis.

“While this whole mess are upon the nation, the oil and gas companies within our ethnic Ndokwa nation, are busy flaring gas to the detriment of the people and degradation of the economic life  within the region, which is unacceptable in any part of the world.

“The people of Ndokwa ethnic  are to bear the brunt of gas flared by over six parent oil companies operating within the three Ndokwa LGA’s, yet her citizens can not boast of one day uninterrupted power supply to the area.

“My question is what did the people of Ndokwa nation do or commit to deserve this from her mother country Nigeria?

“Most of all this oil and gas companies produce and compress gas and distribute to their private marketers, and because they are licensed by the federal government, they boast that no individual or group of persons have right to question their operations.”

The PGI lamented the recent importation of gas turbines for private power generation by the oil and gas companies, instead of channeling the gas to the appropriate sector established for such purpose.

“Is affording themselves this gas turbine generators the best way to help boost the economic growth of the Ndokwas, Delta state or Nigeria?

“If no is the answer, we at Pages Group International (PGI) therefore urge all the oil companies operating within our ethnicity Ndokwa Nation to put the flaring gas to use, as the Nigeria is in need of substantial Liquid Gas.”

The group further urged NAOC to contribute its 20% quota, and brace up on issues of infrastructure, to make the Ndokwa electrification project a success.

Oill and gas companies presently operating within Ndokwa ethnic nationality include Energa oil and gas, Mid Western oil and gas, PPL oil and gas, Sterling Global oil and Gas, Pillar oil and Gas.

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