INDUSTRIALIZATION: Majemite Urges Govt To Explore Hydro-Powered Electricity

Nigeria (Blank NEWS Online) – 

Chief Fred Majemite

Chief Fred Majemite

FORMER Commissioner, Ministry of Lands in Delta State, Chief Fred Majemite has urged government at all levels to explore the use of hydro-powered energy supply to ensure speedy development of the country.

Speaking to journalists in Asaba, Chief Majemite stated that industrialization of the country would remain a mirage until Nigeria gets it right in the power sector.

According to him, “electricity supply is not stable, even the barber operates at a very high cost; cost of production has spiraled because of inadequate power supply and running a factory on generator is not the best; most industries have closed down because of unstable power supply.”

Chief Majemite urged the federal government to declare a state of emergency in the power sector, reiterating, “one big problem we still have is that they turbines depend on gas and whenever there is a problem in the gas sector it will affect power supply; we have a lot of water in Delta State and different parts of the country, so, if some states in the US can depend solely on water for the supply of electricity, why are we still talking about turbine? We should start to think of alternatives, we should explore the use of hydro-powered electricity projects.”

“What I have discovered is that it is difficult for us to move from what we are used to and that is a major problem, otherwise, nobody will talk about gas, when the water is there; we should begin to think of alternative because, the power sector is one important sector for the growth of any business,” Chief Majemite who also spoke on the 25 years of the creation of Delta State, said.

He added, “Delta State government tried to have its own IPP Independent Power Plant) but, how many states have gotten it right in that sector? If you even generate you will feed it into the national grid and fact that you generate does not determine what you get, until we get it right, most industries will not come up.”

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