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The Alanza Oduah of Oko-Ogbele, Chief Dr. Benjamin Anwasia JP has expressed pity and disgust at the ignorance of one Onihe Odumegwu Nwanze over his written reaction published in this medium in reaction to his recently launched book on Oko history.

Chief Anwasia said that in a press statement while reacting to the said publication in this medium titled: “RE: HISTORY OF OKO WRITTEN BY CHIEF B N ANWASIA,” wherein he (Onihe Odumegwu Nwanze) exposed his crass ignorance by raining unprintable vituperations on his person for his painstaking efforts through research of many years to put together a book on the history of his beloved place of birth, Oko kingdom.

He said that he will not join issues with him, bearing in mind that he and his cohorts are acting in ignorance, sheer malice and frustration, having been denied claim to the Onisheship of Oko Amakom by a court of competent jurisdiction in 1997, which case is still in the Supreme Court and therefore, will amount to subjudice if he belittles his knowledge of judicial processes for people who do not deserve this response.

Quoting from a High Court judgement of November 4, 1997, titled Enrolment of Judgement in suit no. A/147/94 before His Lordship, Honourable Justice M.C.U. Odita made available to the press, Chief Anwasia said that Odumegwu Nwanze has no legal or customary claim to the title of Onihe that he claims since the aforesaid court jugement indicate as follows; “from the totality of the evidence before me, which I have seriously considered … I declare that the Uwaile Quarters of Oko Amakom which the defendants represent is not entitled to install or to have any person from that quarter installed the Onihe of Oko Amakom.

“An order of injunction restraining the defendants and their people of Uwaile from holding out any person from Uwaile Quarter as the Onihe of Oko Amakom or for any person from Uwaile Quarter of Oko Amakom parading himself as the Onihe of Oko Amakom or from doing anything in contravention of the rights and privileges of the Onihe of Oko Amakom……”

He advised Odumegwu Nwanze to either undergo his own research and come up with his own book on the history of Oko or commission somebody to do so for him as it is obvious that he lacks the ingredients and frame of mind to appreciate good academic research, at least to prove how much of a distortion his book is and for posterity to vindicate him.

Chief Anwasia also urged reasonable people to read the book and make their own objective judgement. He also advised and encouraged any person, group, interest or community that feels misrepresented to take legal action if they feel aggrieved.

On Odumegwu Nwanze’s claim that “It is also interesting to note that Chief B N Anwasia real lineage in Oko History is allegedly still in doubt,” Chief Anwasia said that as a law abiding citizen of this country, he is discussing with his lawyers and will take action at the appropriate time.

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