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Nigerian tradition and culture is known for respect for elders, parents and those whom God has chosen to be legitimate leaders in the society. In the bible, the Old Testament warns: Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people (Exodus 22, 28). It was forbidden to insult or attack a prophet: “Touch not my anointed and to my prophet, do no harm or else you shall become the sacrificial item of settlement” (Psalm 105, 15).
The Grassroots Newspaper Publishers Network, (GNPN) has declared that it could no longer tolerate the unwholesome behaviours of some of its members who were said to have voluntarily violated the established protocols as publishers and members of this great body. This body frowned on the recent negative and scandalous publication done by (online) against a respected and serving Catholic priest, Rev Fr. Chima Raphael Ofoegbu.
Based on our findings, it was alleged that the said publication was sponsored by the Fr. Innocent Ajuonu, Administrator Catholic Diocese of Aba, who destroyed his brother priest before the Journalist and suspended Catholic priest Rev. Father Elijah Sende from Gboko Benue State and some disgruntled elements in the Catholic family who are scared of the rising profile of Rev Fr. Ofoegbu; because of his special anointing from God, upon our investigation which many believers have testified to his prayer life as a catholic priest and as a superior. What will it profit a fellow Catholic priest or the administrator to assemble journalists/publishers without conscience to drag the name of an anointed man of God to the mud, by leveling all sorts of scandals against him? Above all the name Ezeobi Martins Okoro does not exist. Although, we are not surprised because according to the Holy Bible,” Jesus was falsely accused of blasphemy by the teachers of the law when he told the paralytic “Son, your sins are forgiven” (Mark 2, 5). For them only God can forgive sins. Jesus healed the paralytic to define his real and true identity. Jesus was also falsely accused of blasphemy during his trial for accepting that he is “the Christ, the Son of God” (Mathew 26, 63-65; John 10, 33-42).
Jesus did not order his disciples to kill those who insulted and killed him. Even while he was dying with serious pains, he prayed for his executioners: “Forgive them father, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23, 34). The attitude of Jesus towards those who cursed and killed him was an example for all who would be his disciples and followers. He thus ushered in a new age that must reject viciousness and violence because God is powerful enough to defend himself.”
So, we are writing this rejoinder against all critics to leave Rev. Fr Raphael Chima Ofoegbu alone to do the work which God has sent him to do on earth and pray for him because as a human being, he cannot be loved by all and cannot be holistically perfect as God.

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