Music: Exit Of Kefee Don-Momoh

Kefee on stage

Kefee on stage

The entertainment industry was thrown into great shock on Friday, June 13, 2014 when news filtered in that the revered Branama crooner and gospel singer, Kefee Don-Momoh was dead.

Kefee reportedly died in a hospital in the United States of America where she was taken to after she collapsed on a Chicago-bound flight on her way to a music performance. The plane, as was reported, made an emergency landing in Los Angeles for the singer to be taken to the hospital.

It was reported that Kefee went comatose and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. She never came out of the coma.

Meanwhile, the family of the singer has not made any official statement concerning her death.

Kefee’s colleagues and fans have also expressed their condolences and shock about the sad event.

20140615-105650.jpgA popular Nigerian singer, Sammie Okposo said, “I don’t think we would ever be able to recover from her passing. Kefee was not just a colleague to me, she was my sister and we worked closely over the years; from her first album till now. It is not just for the people of Delta State or the music industry, or Nigerian entertainment industry, or Africa, but I dare say the world because Kefee has done international events and collaborations. She was an international act.”

“To put it on my BB profile, facebook and instagram feels so strange and difficult. But then, we can ask questions but we cannot question God when it comes to matters like this. It is very sad. The only way I can comfort myself is to celebrate her for what she lived for and the impact that she made in the time that she was with us.”

Singer, Essence has also remained inconsolable since the news of her passing broke. On her BlackBerry Messenger, the singer mourns late Kefee using her picture as her DP. Speaking to Saturday Beats, Essence said, “Kefee was a fighter, a strong Delta woman. She was very vocal and enterprising. She was a unique talent. She had bubbly personality and she will be thoroughly missed. A vacuum has been created.”

Another singer, Weird MC, described her death as a great shock, saying she was yet to come to terms with the news. “It has been a major shock. It is like a dream; so I’m speechless and stunned by the news. I don’t understand what is going on. However, I would miss her for her simplicity.

Adoring Kefee

Adoring Kefee

A fan of Kefee, Royal Prince Sumpa, who wrote from Zambia, said “Oh God, how could my friend go without saying goodbye to her royal friend in Lusaka, Zambia? This is too much pain for me to handle, seriously…I am short of words. Can someone tell me how my Princess royal friend died? You Rest In Peace my sister…We even made plans to record song together with Shovel Franklin and Papa SON in Kingston Jamaica. How could you leave just like that and at a tender age?”

Prince Michael Agunloye, said, “I know you in my own little way, I pray for your soul to be accepted by Him, your creator. Rest in perfect peace my dear. God knows better, may God give Don Momoh the strength to live life properly again after your departure.

Uchechi Usoh said she could not believe Kefee was indeed dead. She said, “I can’t believe you are gone, my Kokoroko queen. I pray that our good Lord will grant you eternal rest. You surely will be missed Kefee.”

Nk Chigbue wrote, “I can’t believe this…prayed so hard, hoping and wishing u wake up from the coma…but I guess God said it was about time. R.I.P Queen Kefee Obareki Don-Momoh #tearsinmyeyes.”





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